Trojan Coach Michael Bradley On Leadership

The Mayfield Trojan's weight room/field house is covered in life mottos like "Champions Never Quit", "Attentiveness", etc. and with strong senior leadership comes on the field success, but more importantly comes success later in life when high school athletes hang up their cleats and become husbands and fathers.
"Leadership is key to every program, any business, or any school to take you where you cannot take yourself. And as coaches that is what our job is and together we achieve more, that is what team is. You have to have people that are encouraging and that is a leader and you have to have people push you to do things you would not ordinarily be able to do alone," Commented Bradley who has won three state championships as Head Coach of Mayfield since the 2006 season.
In this exclusive video interview, Head Mayfield Football Coach Michael Bradley shares his thoughts on leadership.
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