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It started back in March of 2011, the goal was simple. Put together a never before done list of the Top 100 New Mexico High School Football Teams of All-Time. It was a daunting task to say the least and it nearly took a five months of fact
THE GREATEST 100 TEAMS OF ALL-TIME Top 100 New Mexico Prep Football Teams Of All-Time List Was Compiled By Kyle Henderson of
The Rankings are based off team's final season record, points scored in a season, points allowed in a season, number of defensive shutouts in a season, margin of victory in a season, whether or not the team won the state title during that year, etc.
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checking to figure out which exact 100 teams would be included. With help from New Mexico High School Football Historian Dan Ford and his latest History of New Mexico High School Football Books, I was able to narrow down the best of the best from the years gone by.
I'm a numbers guy and everyone that follows knows that what I lack in writing skills, I make up for with graphs, charts, stats, etc. I devised a power ranking for each team that stood out throughout the years.
Points for, points against, points scored in a season, points allowed in a season, number of shutouts in a season, number of games won, and the big one: whether or not a team won a state title at the end of the season.
Knowing that I could get all those numbers accurately that is the direction I went with the power rankings.
Throughout all the feedback and e-mails I've received throughout the top 100 countdown, most has been positive, however there has been some sticklers commenting that the rankings are not accurate because of this and that.
My answer is this: All rankings are debatable and with the system that I used, I strongly feel that these rankings are the best depiction of the top 100 teams that you'll see. The system that I used excluded no team and the same principles were used to rank each team within the top 100. I have also updated the rankings after the 2011 Football Season and in no surprise Cleveland, Aztec, and Goddard are the latest additions.
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